Licensing applications

To license applications for production (live applications), add a license code snippet to your project using the following procedure.

  1. Use the functionality set table to determine which functionality sets you want to deploy and understand which license is required for each set.
  2. If you want to deploy the functionality in the Basic license, request a Basic license. If you want to deploy Standard functionality, purchase the number of deployments you need for the number of users/devices you want to deploy to. For details, see Request or purchase deployments. At time of purchase, you will be asked how many deployments you need (they come in packs) and you will be asked to select any extension licenses you need from the following list:
    • 3D Analyst extension
    • Network Analyst extension
    • Spatial Analyst extension

    Information to help you determine how many deployment packs you need and when and how to upgrade them is in the following sections.

    Esri provides you with the software authorization number associated with your deployment license.

  3. Use the software authorization number to produce a license code snippet. You must add the license code snippet, which contains a license string for each license you purchased or requested. To accomplish this, follow the steps in Authorizing a deployment license and then in Obtaining a license code snippet and adding it to your project.
  4. For the Standard license and extension licenses, count each deployment (each user/device you deployed to) against the number of deployments you purchased. Distributing more deployments than you have purchased is a violation of the license agreement.

Purchasing and upgrading deployment pack licenses

Basic deployments are free to EDN subscribers. If you are an EDN subscriber, you can request a Basic license from the EDN Customer Care site. Standard deployments must be purchased in packs.

At the time you request or purchase deployments, you indicate which licenses you want.

For Standard licenses, you indicate which licenses you want the pack to include. When you receive the pack, you authorize it, which results in the generation of a license string for each product and extension you requested for that pack. You add these strings to your project to license your application for production.

The process is similar for a Basic license, except there is no fee and no pack because Basic comes with an unlimited number of deployments. You don't need to keep track of the number of Basic applications you deploy, but you must still authorize the Basic license the same way you would a deployment pack, and you must still add the resulting license code snippet to your project.

To purchase deployments or to ask questions about purchasing or requesting deployments, you can contact your Esri representative or Esri Customer Service. Your Esri representative can be an Esri customer service staff member, an Esri Distributor, your Esri account manager, or another representative.

The number of Standard deployments you buy for an application you build (runnable .jar file) must equal the number of machines/devices you deploy that application to.

For example, if you develop a map view application, MyMapViewApp.jar, purchase a deployment pack of 25 deployments, then deploy MyMapViewApp.jar to 15 desktop computers and 10 tablet devices, you have used 25 deployments. If you get a request to deploy MyMapViewApp.jar to only one more user, you must buy another deployment pack. When you buy additional deployment packs for the same application, MyMapViewApp.jar, you do not have to change the license code snippet you added to your project (you do not have to recompile), provided that at the time you purchase the additional packs, you provide Esri with the EDN authorization code of the original deployment pack and indicate that you want to use the same license code snippet (the same license strings).

What if I need to buy more deployments for the same application?

If you need more Standard deployments, Esri will ensure your new pack of deployments uses the same license strings that your existing application uses. You will need to supply your EDN authorization code at time of purchase. Note that Basic comes with an unlimited number of deployments for the same application.

Will my application time out?

Although there is a time-out on your authorization code (set to time out with your EDN subscription expiration date), the license strings in your deployed application will not time out. If your EDN subscription expires and you want to update your deployed application or create new applications after your EDN subscription has timed out, you must reinstate your EDN subscription in order to deploy again.

What if I want to update my applications so that they work with a more recent version of the runtime components?

If you are current on maintenance for your deployment license, you are entitled to all major and minor releases of the runtime components, with no additional fee.

If you want to update your application to use a more recent version of the runtime components than the one your current applications are built with, you can, as long as it is the same application that you originally deployed. In this case, you can replace/redeploy the application with the new version of the runtime, without purchasing/requesting a new deployment license (without updating the license strings in your license code snippet). Runtime components support forward compatibility and side-by-side deployments. However, if you build a new application that uses the new runtime components, you must request or purchase a new deployment license (it is a different application at this point).

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