Licensing test applications

To test your application before deploying it, you can run it on your development machine without having purchased a deployment pack, provided you've authorized your development machine.

You can also license and deploy your application to machines other than your development machine for testing purposes using the steps that follow. Applications licensed this way will display a license message every time the local server is accessed by the application. If you don't want this message to keep appearing, use a deployment license to test with, and count it against the number of deployments you purchased.

  1. Authorize your development machine.
  2. Click 'Start > Programs > ArcGIS > Runtime SDK 10.1.1 for Java > Runtime Tools > License Viewer 10.1.1'.
  3. In the Local Runtime License Viewer window, in the License type area, click Testing.
  4. In the Language area, select the programming language you are using to develop your application.
    The text area displays part of the license code snippet.
  5. In the Product area, choose the license level of the functionality you included in the application and want to test.
  6. In the Extensions area, select the extensions whose functionality you included in your application and that you want to test. Test with the same product and extension licenses that you plan to deploy your application with.
    The text area displays the complete license code snippet for all product/extension licenses you selected. You are ready to add the displayed syntax directly to your application's source code.
  7. Click the Copy to Clipboard button.
  8. Open your project and paste the clipboard contents into your project in a location that comes before the project uses any ArcGIS Runtime for Java functionality.

Your application is now licensed for testing purposes. You are ready to deploy the application. Use the same steps you do for deploying a test application as you do for deploying an application for production. For details, see Deploying the application.

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