Obtaining a license code snippet and adding it to your project

You must add a license code snippet, which includes one or more license strings, to your project before you run the last deployment build and distribute your application to users.

  1. Acquire the deployment licenses you need. For details, see the functionality set table.
  2. Authorize the deployment license for the application you developed.
  3. In Windows, click Start > Programs > ArcGIS > Runtime SDK 1.0 for Java > ArcGIS Runtime Tools > Runtime Tools > License Viewer 1.0.
  4. In the Local Runtime License Viewer window, in the License type area, click Deployment.
    The text area displays part of the license code snippet.
  5. In the Language area, select the programming language you used to develop your application.
  6. In the Product area, choose the license level you purchased for the deployment.
  7. If you are using a Standard license and require an extension in your application, in the Extensions area, select the extensions needed.
    The text area displays the complete license code snippet for the language, product, and extensions you selected. You are ready to add the displayed syntax directly to your application's source code.
  8. Click the Copy to Clipboard button.
  9. Open your project to paste the clipboard contents into it. If you had previously added a licensing code snippet for testing purposes using the procedure in the Licensing test applications topic, replace the snippet with the snippet now in your clipboard. Otherwise, paste the snippet now in your clipboard into your project in a location that comes before the project uses any runtime components.

Your application is now licensed for deployment for production.