Licensing FAQs

This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions about ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java.

How does licensing work?

There are two licensing tasks you must perform when you are creating applications with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java:

Once I develop an application, how do I get deployment licenses?

You must request or purchase deployment packs. Deployment packs are available only from ESRI, ESRI distributors, and authorized resellers. For additional information, contact your local ESRI office. For details, see Deploying the application.

Do I need to request/purchase a deployment pack for my tester/test machine?

No. For details, see Licensing test applications.

What if I need to buy more deployments for the same application?

If you need more deployments, Esri will ensure your new pack of deployments uses the same license strings that your existing application uses. You will need to supply your EDN authorization code when you make the request.

What if I want to update my applications so that they work with a more recent version of the runtime?

If you are current on maintenance for the deployment packs, you are entitled to all major and minor releases of the runtime, with no additional fee.

If you want to update your application to use a more recent version of the runtime than the one your current applications are built with, you can, as long as it is the same application that you originally deployed. You can replace/redeploy the application with the new version of the runtime, without purchasing new deployment packs or updating the license strings in your license code snippet. The runtime supports forward compatibility and side-by-side deployments. However, if you build a new application that uses the new runtime, you must purchase new deployment packs (it is a different application at this point).

Can ArcGIS Desktop serve as the runtime or the license?

No. No level of ArcGIS Desktop (Basic, Standard, or Advanced) can be used as the runtime/runtime components or the license for the application you build with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java.