Bathymetry filters (Bathymetry Solution)

Bathymetry data can be very large and difficult to manage, especially if you have to view all of the data together without the use of filters. The Explore Bathymetry tool allows you to filter your BIS database based on collection, extended, and internal metadata you define before associating your bathymetry datasets with the BIS geodatabase. These metadata fields can be customized to include attributes that pertain to your data holdings, which you can then create a filter for. You can use these filters to create a custom Bathymetry Data Index and add it directly to ArcMap.

You can save filter settings to a filter file, which can be applied to other bathymetry data added to the BIS geodatabase. Within the Explore Bathymetry window, you can edit bathymetry metadata, or you can add the filtered bathymetry data directly to the Compose Surface window to sort data and apply display rules.

You can set the following filters in the Explore Bathymetry window:

In addition to the filters listed above, you can also create a filter from any combination of inputs in the Explore Bathymetry window. For example, you can filter your datasets based on one criteria only, such as filtering datasets containing a specific percent data coverage. If you are looking for very specific characteristics in your dataset, you can create a filter based on multiple inputs, or on every input in the window.