Accessing the metadata for selected datasets (Bathymetry Solution)

Through the Explore Bathymetry tool, you can define filters based on the metadata values associated with the listed bathymetry datasets. You can also update the extended metadata values within the Explore Bathymetry window using the Edit Metadata tool.


Any extended metadata fields you update through the Metadata Editor dialog box could potentially affect the current bathymetry dataset filter defined in the Explore Bathymetry window.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Bathymetry.
  3. Click the Explore Bathymetry button Explore Bathymetry on the Bathymetry toolbar.

    The Explore Bathymetry window appears. The right side of the window lists all datasets associated with the BIS geodatabase.

    Explore Bathymetry window
  4. In the Filtered Datasets list, select the datasets whose metadata you want to access.

    You can select multiple datasets using the SHIFT or CTRL keys.

  5. Click the Edit Metadata button Edit Metadata at the top of the Explore Bathymetry window.

    The Metadata Editor dialog box appears.

    Metadata Editor dialog box
  6. 注注:

    Your choice in the next steps will affect the number of datasets listed in the Add Gridded Data tree view.

  7. Click one of the datasets in the Add Gridded Data tree view to highlight it.

    The previously defined extended and internal metadata values are listed for the selected dataset.


    You can also click the All Datasets node or the dataset's parent folder to batch edit multiple datasets.

  8. Optionally, update the applicable metadata fields within the Extended Metadata section.


    Collection and internal metadata values are read-only.

  9. Click Apply.

    The metadata updates are applied to the selected dataset.

  10. Optionally, choose a different dataset listed in the Add Gridded Data tree view.
  11. Repeat steps 6 through 9.
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