Metadata display configuration (Bathymetry Solution)

ArcGIS for Maritime:Bathymetry allows you to add new metadata fields to or retire existing metadata fields from the Manage Collections and Add Bathymetry dialog boxes and the Explore Bathymetry and Compose Surface windows. In addition to adding and retiring fields, you can append a new selection to a drop-down menu and add validation rules to ensure the metadata values meet your business rule requirements.

There are three types of metadata associated with bathymetry in the BIS geodatabase:

The metadata fields appear in the following dialog boxes and windows:

Collection and extended metadata fields and drop-down items available in these dialog boxes and windows are completely configurable within BIS metadata XML files; that is, you can restore or retire fields, you can add a new metadata field, or you can add a new item to an existing metadata field. This can all be done using the Metadata Configuration Editor dialog box available from the Manage BIS Settings window. Alternatively, you may also make edits to the collection or extended metadata schema by modifying the XML files directly.


It is strongly recommended that you use the Metadata Configuration Editor dialog box for making changes to the metadata, unless you need access to advanced functionality such as relation restrictions and have a good understanding of manually editing XML documents.

For internal metadata, you can make limited edits such as restoring or retiring fields from the dialog boxes and windows. Internal metadata must adhere to the standard applicable to the datasets registered with the BIS. As BAG datasets are the only supported format, the internal metadata must conform to ONS metadata standard ISO 19115; therefore, you cannot add a custom metadata field or update the metadata field definitions as you might with the collection and extended metadata fields.

Learn more about internal metadata configuration within the ONS BAG dataset

XML files can be found in the metadata settings location, which you define on the Create BIS Database dialog box.

Metadata settings location

These XML files include: