Class ISceneControlEventsOnKeyDownEvent

  extended by java.util.EventObject
      extended by com.esri.arcgis.controls.ISceneControlEventsOnKeyDownEvent
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ISceneControlEventsOnKeyDownEvent
extends EventObject


The OnKeyDown event is triggered when the user presses a key whilst the SceneControl has focus.

keyCode specifies a virtual key code value of the key pressed on the keyboard. For alpha-numeric keys this corresponds to the ASCII value, for example "A" key returns 65 which is the ASCII value for capital A. Other key codes are F1 to F12 are 112 to 123 respectively.

Shift specifies an integer corresponding to the state of the SHIFT (bit 0), CTRL (bit 1) and ALT (bit 2) keys. When none, some or all of these keys are pressed none, some or all the bits get set. These bits correspond to the values 1, 2, and 4, respectively. For example, if both SHIFT and ALT were pressed, ShiftState would return 5.


Some development environments will filter out keystrokes. Typically the arrow keys are used to change control focus and will not fire the OnKeyDown event. To intercept these keys use the KeyIntercept property.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine.

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ISceneControlEventsOnKeyDownEvent(Object source)
Method Summary
 int getKeyCode()
 int getShift()
 void init(int keyCode, int shift)
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Constructor Detail


public ISceneControlEventsOnKeyDownEvent(Object source)
Method Detail


public void init(int keyCode,
                 int shift)


public final int getKeyCode()


public final int getShift()