An overview of the Production Mapping toolbox

The Production Mapping toolbox provides a collection of tools that can be used to perform various data and cartographic production tasks. The data production tasks include replication and extraction with distributed geodatabases, mapping features to other schemas, and the creation of traversal features for linear referencing networks.

For cartographic production, you can use tools from the Cartographic Data toolset to create bands from features or rasters as well as calculate elevation figures and feature extents. The Symbology toolset can be used to manage the way data is viewed in the map in terms of symbology as well as the spatial reference and layers in the map.



Cartographic Data

Cartographic data provides the foundation of production mapping and visualization. Tools in this toolset allow you to perform advanced cartographic data manipulation like creating polygon features from contour lines and generating maximum elevation values within a grid cell.

Cartographic Editing

The Cartographic Editing toolset contains tools that allow you to manage content across map documents.


This toolset provides tools to move data and convert PDFs for heads-up digitizing or visualization.

Distributed Geodatabase

This toolset provides tools used to replicate or extract data. Both tools can use a selected feature to define an area of interest to replicate or extract.


This toolset provides tools to generalize data for different geometry types.

Product Library

This toolset provides tools used to manage files and items within a product library. It also contains tools to create and upgrade a product library.

Surround Elements

The Surround Elements toolset contains a tool to create a map index in a page layout.


The Symbology toolset contains tools to help manage visualization specifications. Visual specifications help you specify symbology by defining rules that control representations and labels. Visual specifications enhance productivity by allowing you to batch apply representations and label expressions to feature layers.


The Utilities toolset contains tools that allow you to modify geometric networks. Once modified, attributes can be updated based on a tracing task and a feature layer selected to update other layers in the network.

Toolsets in the Production Mapping toolbox