An overview of the Generalization toolset

This toolset provides tools to generalize data for different geometry types.



Aggregate Polygons

Combines polygons that are smaller than a defined size with other polygons that are within a specified distance of another feature.

Convert Polygons

Deletes polygon features that are below a minimum size.

Delete Dangles

Removes lines that are shorter than the specified length and do not connect to other features on both ends.

Delete Polygons And Extend Lines

Removes polygons that are smaller than the specified area and are connected to two or more lines. Once the polygon is deleted, the lines are extended to meet at the center point of the polygon.

Extend Polygon Sides

Extends the lengths and widths of polygon features until they meet a specified minimum value.

Increase Line Length

Increases the lengths of lines from the center until they meet a specified length.

Increase Polygon Area

Increases the areas of polygons until they meet a minimum size or larger. You can optionally limit the features to be enlarged based on whether they intersect another feature class.

Modify Underlying Polygon

Determines which polygon features are directly below a line feature. Based on whether the type of feature is valid, which is determined by the subtype or feature class, the tool expands the feature to ensure it meets minimum distance requirements. If it does not meet the minimum distance requirement, the part of the polygon feature under the line is removed and replaced with an appropriate type of feature.

Thin Hydro Features

Generalizes input hydrographic stream data into two feature classes: one for hydro polyline features and one for hydro polygon features. The generalized versions are produced using a stream order algorithm. The algorithm removes less significant hydro features based on the number of tributaries.

Thin Spot Heights

Creates a band-specific elevation spot heights feature class from a spot heights feature class and elevation bands feature class. The resulting feature class is used by the Elevation Guide Bar surround element for display purposes.

Tools in the Generalization toolset