Grouping or ungrouping elements in the Layout window (Defense Mapping)

You can group and ungroup page layout elements from the Layout window. A grouped element is composed of several other elements. Grouped elements can be grouped into larger elements. You can also ungroup elements.

You can also create subgroups within a group from the Layout window. A subgroup element is composed of other elements within the group.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. If necessary, load data in the map.
  3. If necessary, click the Layout window button Layout window on the Production Cartography toolbar to display the Layout window.
  4. Perform the following steps:

    To group elements

    Click two or more elements from the Layout window, right-click in the window, and then click Group.

    To ungroup elements

    Right-click the elements in the Layout window and click Ungroup.

    The grouped elements are combined into a single element in the page layout. In the Layout window, the highlighted elements are moved into a new Group node.