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ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Geometry Namespace
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Contains simple geometry components to support working with the map, graphics and task results.


ClassDatumTransform The Class is used by the Tasks.GeometryService.ProjectAsync(IEnumerable<Graphic>,SpatialReferenceDatumTransform,bool,object) Method to project Graphics from one Datum to another Datum.
ClassEnvelope Axis Aligned envelope
ClassEuclidian Utility methods for densification and measure in a flat coordinate system.
ClassGeodesic Geodesic utility methods for densification and measure on the ellipsoid.
ClassGeometry Abstract Geometry class provides a base class for objects that define geometric shapes. Geometry objects can be used for clipping regions and as geometry definitions for rendering two-dimensional graphic data.
ClassMapPoint Point class
ClassMultiPoint An array of points
ClassPointCollection Point collection
ClassPolygon A collection of Rings used to represent a Polygon Geometry.
ClassPolyline A collection of Paths used to represent a Polyline Geometry
ClassSpatialReference SpatialReference class.
ClassWellKnownObject Abstract class used to create classes that are based on Well-Known IDs and Well-Known Text.

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