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ClassAcceleratedDisplayLayers Accelerated Group Layer.
ClassArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer Dynamic ArcGIS REST map service layer.
ClassArcGISImageServiceLayer Dynamic ArcGIS REST image service layer.
ClassArcGISLocalTiledLayer Reads and displays data directly from locally stored tile cache.
ClassArcGISRuntime A class representing the runtime deployment used by your application.
ClassArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer Tiled ArcGIS REST map service layer.
ClassArcGISWebClient Provides common methods for receiving data from an ArcGIS resource identified by a URL.
ClassArcGISWebClient.DownloadStringCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the ArcGISWebClient.DownloadStringCompleted event.
ClassArcGISWebClient.OpenReadCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the ArcGISWebClient.OpenReadCompleted event.
ClassArcGISWebClient.PostMultipartCompletedEventArgs Provides data for the ArcGISWebClient.PostMultipartCompleted event.
ClassArcGISWebClient.StreamContent Provides HTTP content based on a stream
ClassClassBreakInfo An object to group (or classify) symbology and class breaks information for a ClassBreaksRenderer.
ClassClassBreaksRenderer A custom graphics renderer where the symbology of a Layer is displayed via groups based upon numerical data.
ClassClusterer Abstract clustering class used for creating custom cluster algorithms used with the GraphicsLayer.
ClassColorMapResult Contains the result information for the ArcGISImageServiceLayer.GetColorMapAsync task.
ClassColorRange Utility class used to define a range of interpolated Colors via a Color Wheel using a starting and ending pair of Colors.
ClassDataSource A base Abstract Class used for the creation of Dynamic Layers. It has no Public Properties, Methods, or Events; and cannot be created using the new keyword.
ClassDraw The Draw object used to draw Graphic objects against the Map
ClassDrawEventArgs Draw Event Arcguments used when Drawing Operations are Complete
ClassDynamicLayer Abstract dynamic layer class
ClassDynamicLayer.ImageParameters Image properties used for the DynamicLayer.GetSource and DynamicMapServiceLayer.GetUrl.
ClassDynamicLayer.ImageResult Image result returned by DynamicLayer.GetSource
ClassDynamicLayerInfo DynamicLayerInfo
ClassDynamicLayerInfoCollection Collection of DynamicLayerInfos objects.
ClassDynamicMapServiceLayer Abstract dynamic map service layer class
ClassEditGeometry GraphicLayer editor
ClassEditGeometry.GeometryEditEventArgs Geometry edit event arguments used by used by the EditGeometry.GeometryEdit event.
ClassEditor Editor object which enables editing and selection support for FeatureLayer and GraphicsLayer.
ClassEditor.ActionEventArgs Action Event arguments, base for CommandEventArgs and EditEventArgs
ClassEditor.Change Edit changes used by the Editor.EditCompleted event
ClassEditor.CommandEventArgs Command Event arguments used by the Editor.EditorActivated event.
ClassEditor.EditEventArgs Edit Event arguments used by the Editor.EditCompleted event.
ClassElementLayer Framework Element component layer
ClassExtentEventArgs Event argument for a change in map extent.
ClassFeatureLayer An enhanced version of the GraphicsLayer that enables displaying (and possibly editing) features from an ArcGIS Server REST service.
ClassField A field in a layer.
ClassFlareClusterer A specialized clustering set of graphics that use both non-interactive grouping and animated interactive flare-out symbols to represent the count of a number of occurrences of Graphic features in a FeatureLayer or GraphicsLayer.
ClassGraphic A visual element that typically represents geographic data used for rendering in a GraphicsLayer of the Map Control.
ClassGraphicCollection An observable collection of Graphic.
ClassGraphicMouseButtonEventArgs Provides event data for the GraphicsLayer.MouseLeftButtonDown, GraphicsLayer.MouseLeftButtonUp, GraphicsLayer.MouseRightButtonDown and GraphicsLayer.MouseRightButtonUp events.
ClassGraphicMouseEventArgs Provides data for mouse-related events on GraphicsLayer that do not specifically involve mouse buttons, for example GraphicsLayer.MouseMove.
ClassGraphicsClusterer Abstract clustering class that implements a common clustering algorithm.
ClassGraphicsDataSource Base Graphics DataSource that allows binding a model or view to GraphicsLayer.GraphicsSource and converting the items to renderable Graphics in the process.
ClassGraphicsLayer A map layer containing a set of interactable vector graphics
ClassGroupLayer Group Layer collection
ClassGroupLayerBase GroupLayer Base Class
ClassHistogram Class that contains information about a histogram.
ClassHistogramsResult Contains the result information for the ArcGISImageServiceLayer.GetHistogramsAsync task.
ClassIdentityManager The Identity Manager is a singleton class that, when enabled, will manage the user credentials for the following resources:
  • ArcGIS Server resources secured using token-based authentication. Note that only ArcGIS Server versions 10 SP 1 and greater are supported.
  • Secured resources (i.e. web maps).
To enable the Identity Manager, you have only to provide a challenge method by setting the ChallengeMethod or the ChallengeMethodEx.
ClassIdentityManager.Credential The Credential class represents a credential object used to access a secure ArcGIS resource.
ClassIdentityManager.CredentialRequestInfos Information about the ArcGIS service that needs a credential for getting access to.
ClassIdentityManager.GenerateTokenOptions This class contains optional information about the credential to generate.
ClassIdentityManager.OAuthClientInfo Represents an OAuth application
ClassIdentityManager.ServerInfo This class contains information about an ArcGIS Server and its token endpoint.
ClassJoinDataSource Data source that represents a join operation
ClassLabelClass Specifies the label configuration information.
ClassLabelClassCollection Collection of LabelClass objects used for specifying labels in ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer.
ClassLabelOptions Defines how the label is drawn.
ClassLatLonMapGrid Defines a MapGrid based on the latitude and longitude system. Labels are shown for Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, Equator, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and the Prime Meridian in addition to grid coordinates. A LatLonMapGrid comprises 2 MapGridLevels.
ClassLayer This is the base class for all geographic data that can be added to the Map Control.
ClassLayerCollection A collection of Map Layers
ClassLayerDataSource LayerDataSource
ClassLayerDefinition Allows you to filter the features of individual layers in an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer layer map by specifying definition expressions for those layers.
ClassLayerDrawingOptions LayerDrawingOptions for setting rendering options on ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer
ClassLayerDrawingOptionsCollection Collection of LayerDrawingOptions which are used to construct a Dynamic Layer.
ClassLayerInfo Contains information about each layer in an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer service.
ClassLayerLegendInfo Information about the legend/TOC entries for a layer.
ClassLayerMapSource LayerMapSource
ClassLayerSource A base Abstract Class used for the creation of Dynamic Layers. It has no Public Properties, Methods, or Events; and cannot be created using the new keyword.
ClassLayerTimeOptionCollection Collection of TimeOption objects used for each sub-layer of a time-enabled ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer.
ClassLegendItemInfo Information about a legend item (a label, an image and, optionaly a description).
ClassLod Levels of detail (LOD) for a TiledMapServiceLayer. Each LOD corresponds to a map at a given scale or resolution.
ClassMap Represents a Map control with a set of service layers that can be navigated using mouse and keyboard controls.
ClassMap.MapGestureEventArgs Gesture event argument for touch gesture events.
ClassMap.MouseEventArgs Mouse event arguments
ClassMapGrid The abstract base-class for Map grids (supported in the accelerated display mode only).
ClassMapGridLevel Defines the style of an individual MapGrid level (line width, line color, line visibility, label swatch color and label visibility).
ClassMapGridLevelCollection The collection of MapGridLevel objects defining how a MapGrid is drawn.
ClassMapImage The results of an export map operation or Geoprocessor GetResultImage method call.
ClassMgrsMapGrid Defines a MapGrid based on the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS). The MGRS is derived from the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid system and the Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) grid system, but uses a different labeling convention. A MgrsMapGrid comprises 5 MapGridLevels.
ClassMgrsMapGridBase Base class of MgrsMapGrid and UsngMapGrid, containing properties that are common to both grid types. This type is not instantiated directly.
ClassMosaicRule Specifies the mosaic rule when defining how individual images should be mosaicked. It specifies selection, mosaic method, sort order, overlapping pixel resolution, etc.
ClassOpacityRange Utility class used to define a range of interpolated opacity (i.e. visibility) of a Symbol using a starting and ending pair of doubles.
ClassPointDataSource Point Graphics DataSource that allows binding a model or view with X/Y or Latitude/Longitude properties to GraphicsLayer.GraphicsSource and converting the items to renderable Point Graphics in the process.
ClassProgressEventArgs Holds event data for the Progress event.
ClassQueryDataSource A type of DataSource object that allows querying data directly from a Workspace Type of Database using SQL select statements to construct a Dynamic Layer.
ClassRampInterpolator Display a gradual change in symbology across a specified Map.TimeExtent for a TemporalRenderer of a FeatureLayer.
ClassRasterDataSource Data source that represents a workspace raster file
ClassRasterFunctionInfo Raster function info
ClassRasterInfo Raster function info
ClassRasterTypeInfo Raster type info
ClassRenderer This static class is used to create a Renderer from a string in JSON format.
ClassRendererInfo Base class for RendererInfo
ClassRenderingRule Specifies the rendering rule for how custom images requested for an ArcGISImageServiceLayer should be rendered.
ClassSimpleRenderer Simple graphics renderer returning one symbol.
ClassSizeRange Utility class used to define a range of interpolated sizes of a Symbol using a starting and ending pair of doubles.
ClassStringToInt32ArrayConverter String To Int32 Array Converter
ClassTable Represents Table information found in a service layer.
ClassTableDataSource Data source that represents a workspace table
ClassTemporalRenderer A custom graphics renderer where the symbology of a FeatureLayer is displayed based upon time information.
ClassTiledLayer Abstract tiled/cached map service layer class
ClassTiledLayer.TileLoadEventArgs Event Arguments for the TiledLayer.TileLoaded and TiledLayer.TileLoading event.
ClassTiledMapServiceLayer Abstract tiled/cached map service layer class
ClassTileInfo Contains information about the tiling scheme for a TiledMapServiceLayer.
ClassTimeClassBreakInfo TimeClassBreakInfo for the TimeClassBreaksAger.
ClassTimeClassBreaksAger Provides a mechanism to display different symbology for temporal based FeatureLayer data by groupings of time ranges.
ClassTimeExtent Time Extent.
ClassUniqueValueInfo UniqueValueInfo for the UniqueValueRenderer.
ClassUniqueValueMultipleFieldsInfo UniqueValueMultipleFieldsInfo for the UniqueValueRenderer.
ClassUniqueValueMultipleFieldsRenderer Custom graphics renderer
ClassUniqueValueRenderer Custom graphics renderer
ClassUsngMapGrid Defines a MapGrid based on the United States National Grid (USNG) system of grid references commonly used in the United States of America.
ClassUtmMapGrid Defines a MapGrid based on the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system.
ClassVertexAddedEventArgs Draw Event Arcguments used when Drawing Operations are Complete


InterfaceDynamicLayer.ILayerSupportsRotation Implement this interface on a DynamicLayer if the layer supports generating rotated maps
InterfaceIAttribution Interface to implement by layers supporting attribution.
InterfaceIJsonSerializable An interface for serializing an object to JSON.
InterfaceILegendSupport Interface to implement by layers or renderers supporting legend.
InterfaceIOAuthAuthorize Interface to implement by components that encapsulates the redirection of the user to the OAuth authorization URL
InterfaceIProjectionService Declares a contract for projecting graphics between spatial references.
InterfaceIRenderer IRenderer interface for generating ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Symbols.Symbols based on the graphic.
InterfaceISublayerVisibilitySupport Interface to implement by layers supporting the management of sublayers visibility.
InterfaceITemporalRenderer ITemporalRenderer interface for generating aged ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Symbols.Symbols based on the graphic's age.


DelegateDynamicLayer.OnImageComplete Get image source complete EventHandler
DelegateDynamicMapServiceLayer.OnUrlComplete Get URL complete EventHandler
DelegateGraphicsLayer.MouseButtonEventHandler Represents the method that handles the GraphicsLayer.MouseLeftButtonDown, GraphicsLayer.MouseLeftButtonUp, GraphicsLayer.MouseRightButtonDown and GraphicsLayer.MouseRightButtonUp events.
DelegateGraphicsLayer.MouseEventHandler Represents the method that will handle mouse related routed events that do not specifically involve mouse buttons; for example, System.Windows.UIElement.MouseMove.
DelegateIdentityManager.ChallengeDelegate Represents the method that challenges the user in order to get a valid token credential object.
DelegateIdentityManager.ChallengeDelegateEx Represents the extended method that challenges the user in order to get a valid credential object for a specific authentication type. This delegate supersedes the IdentityManager.ChallengeDelegate by allowing to challenge for any type of authentication.
DelegateLayerCollection.LayersInitializedHandler Layer initialization handler for the LayerCollection.LayersInitialized event.
DelegateMap.RotationChangedEventHandler Rotation Changed event handler


EnumerationArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer.RestImageFormat Output image formats supported by ArcGIS map services.
EnumerationArcGISImageServiceLayer.ImageServiceImageFormat Output image formats supported by ArcGIS image services.
EnumerationArcGISImageServiceLayer.ImageServiceInterpolation The resampling process of extrapolating the pixel values while transforming the raster dataset when it undergoes warping or when it changes coordinate space.
EnumerationArcGISWebClient.HttpMethods Represents the types of HTTP protocol methods that can be used with an HTTP request.
EnumerationDecoration Decoration
EnumerationDrawMode The drawing mode used by the Draw Object
EnumerationEditGeometry.Action Describes the action that caused a EditGeometry.GeometryEdit event.
EnumerationEditor.EditAction Describes the action that caused a Editor.EditCompleted event.
EnumerationFeatureLayer.QueryMode Describes how the layer queries the service: Gets a snapshot of all or all available features; Gets the features in the current extent and caches upto the OnDemandCacheSize number of features; or has its graphics collection managed by selection tools.
EnumerationField.FieldType Field type
EnumerationGestureType Contains values that represent different multitouch gestures.
EnumerationGraphicsLayerRenderingMode The Rendering mode to use when rendering in accelerated display.
EnumerationIdentityManager.AuthenticationType Types of Authentication that can be requested by the service.
EnumerationIdentityManager.TokenAuthenticationType Token Athentication types supported by ArcGIS.
EnumerationJoinType Represents a join operation
EnumerationLabelPlacement Label placement for point, line and polygon features.
EnumerationLatLonMapGridLabelStyle The coordinate notation style of labels rendered by a LatLonMapGrid.
EnumerationMapGridLabelPosition Specifies where the axis labels are drawn in the MapGrid.
EnumerationMapGridLabelUnits Specifies the MgrsMapGrid and UsngMapGrid axis label units.
EnumerationNoDataInterpretation This property defines how transparency should be evaluated for each pixel and each color band based on the ArcGISImageServiceLayer.NoData or ArcGISImageServiceLayer.NoDataColor value.
EnumerationNormalizationType NormalizationType
EnumerationSymbolRotationType The SymbolRotationType enum controls the origin and direction of rotation given by the rotation expression.
EnumerationTextStyle TextStyle
EnumerationTextVerticalAlignment Text Vertical Alignment
EnumerationTimeUnit Unit of measurement in time

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