Configuring a connection to a database in ArcGIS Server

To connect ArcGIS Server to a supported database platform, you'll need to do the following:

Install and configure the database client software

The following topics provide instructions on how to install and configure client software for specific databases. Keep in mind that you must install a release of the client software that is compatible with the release of the database in which you want to connect.

Follow the instructions in the topics below to set up connections to databases in ArcGIS Server:

Restart ArcGIS Server

If ArcGIS Server was running before you configured a PostgreSQL or Oracle database client on the ArcGIS Server machine, you must restart ArcGIS Server. You can restart ArcGIS Server from the Windows Services interface.

Test your connection

Once you've configured your connection to a database in ArcGIS Server, you should test the connection by:

  1. Registering the database with the server
  2. Publishing a service to the server using data residing in the database

If you encounter problems with your connection, consult the server logs for more information. To learn more about server logging, see Viewing, querying, and configuring server logs.