Configuring security settings


Configuring security settings requires an organizational account with an administrator role.

As an administrator of your organization, you determine whether SSL is required for all transactions, whether anonymous access is allowed, and whether sharing and searching is allowed outside the organization.

To configure the security settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Verify that you are logged in and that you are an administrator of your organization.
  2. Click the My Organization link in the top banner. Your organization page opens.
  3. Click the Edit Settings button.
  4. Click the Security link on the left side of the page.
  5. Configure any of the following security settings:
    • For SSL, check to allow access to the organization through SSL only.

      Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ensures that your organization's data as well as any temporary identification tokens that allow access to your data are encrypted during communications over the Internet. Turning on SSL may affect the performance of the site.

      SSL is intended for organizations that only access their own content or for organizations that access their own content or content from other SSL organizations. It is also possible for an organization to enable SSL and have its users access additional non-HTTPS content from outside the organization. However, not all applications support consuming web maps with mixed content, and this may result in a compromised user experience in the various map viewers. ArcGIS Explorer Online and other Microsoft Silverlight applications do not support mixed content. If, for example, you attempt to open a web map in ArcGIS Explorer Online as a member of an SSL organization and the map contains HTTP layers, those layers may appear broken. For more information about SSL, see Securing hosted services.

    • For Anonymous Access, check to allow anonymous access to your organization's URL.

      If left unchecked, anonymous users will not be able to access any resources with the organization's private URL. If you do enable anonymous access (by checking the box), make sure that the groups selected for the site configuration are shared to the public; otherwise, anonymous users may not be able to properly view or access the public content of those groups. For more information about setting up the site configuration groups, see About administering an organization.

    • For Sharing and Searching, check to specify that members can share content outside the organization and that they can search for content outside the organization.

      If you restrict members to sharing only within the organization, they will not be able to embed their web maps or groups in websites or share their web apps and other items with the public. Administrators can still share members' items with the public. For example, administrators can make a member's web map public then embed it in a website.

      If you've disabled anonymous access to your organization, you can share web maps, applications, and groups by sharing the item with everybody (public) and changing the URL of the item from your organization's private URL to the public ArcGIS Online URL ( For example, you could share one of your organization's web maps with anonymous users by changing the URL from to

      If you've restricted members from sharing items outside the organization, users and publishers won't see options to share content or groups with everybody (public). As an administrator, however, you can choose to share any item in the organization publicly.

    • For Enterprise Logins (Beta) , set up Enterprise Logins if you want your organization's users to log in to ArcGIS Online using the same logins they use to access your enterprise information systems.
  6. Click Save to save the changes you've made.