Installing Business Analyst Server

This installation guide provides steps for a typical installation of Business Analyst Server.


It is assumed that you have installed Business Analyst data using Business Analyst Server Data Setup prior to running the following steps.

  1. Select Business Analyst Server Setup option.

    The Welcome to the Esri Business Analyst Server Setup program dialog box appears. Click Next.

    Business Analyst Server Setup

  2. The License Agreement dialog box appears. Click the I accept the terms in the license agreement check box and click Next.
    License agreement
  3. The Select Features dialog box appears. Select the features you need. Click Next.
    Select features

    For descriptions of each feature installed from this dialog box, click here.

  4. On the Ready to Install Application dialog box, click Install.
    Install the application
  5. The setup will start installing the selected features.
    Updating system
  6. When Esri Business Analyst Server has been successfully installed a dialog box appears stating the installation is successful, click Finish.
    Install complete

    The post installation application begins automatically.


    If a dialog box about restarting the system appears, you may reboot later after the post installation is completed or you may reboot the system and launch the post installation after the reboot.

To enable the management tools, you need to install the Business Analyst Server Desktop Components.

To install Business Analyst Server Desktop Components, do the following:

  1. Insert the Esri Business Analyst Server flash drive which launches the setup menu. The Setup dialog box appears.
  2. In the Esri Business Analyst Server Setup, in the Select Features dialog box, expand the Business Analyst Server Desktop Components feature. The Administrator Tools component is selected by default. This component allows you to configure Business Analyst Server properties.
  3. Click Finish.

Continue to the Performing the Post Install section of the Business Analyst Server Install Guide.