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ITinAdvanced2.GetNodeSource Method

Returns the source of the specified node.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function GetNodeSource ( _
    ByVal nodeIndex As Integer _
) As esriTinNodeSourceType
public esriTinNodeSourceType GetNodeSource (
    int nodeIndex
HRESULT GetNodeSource(
  long nodeIndex,
  esriTinNodeSourceType* pSource


nodeIndex [in]   nodeIndex is a parameter of type long pSource [out, retval]

  pSource is a parameter of type esriTinNodeSourceType

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The source of the specified node is returned as an esriTinNodeSourceType enumeration. This gives an indication of where the node came from; its origin. If a node has the value esriTinOriginal it was input, as a point or vertex, by a user. All other node source types, with the possible exception of esriTinUnknown, represent those which are software generated. These others include the four super nodes that are added upon initial TIN creation, and densification and intersection nodes added to breaklines. Nodes are added to breaklines, where necessary, in order to make them Delaunay conforming.

If the intersection point between two or more breaklines was input as part of the source data the node source will be set to esriTinOriginal because the software did not need to generate the intersection point. If you need to discover nodes where breaklines intersect, regardless of whether they were software generated, use ITinAdvanced2.GetNodeDegree or ITinNode2.Degree with the EnforcedEdgesOnly option set to TRUE. Returned values greater than two are intersection points. A value of two might be considered an intersection but only if the node is the endpoint of two different breaklines.

TINs do not yet persist node source information. It is only maintained while the TIN is is edit mode. This means after a TIN has been saved to disk, all nodes, except for super nodes, become unknown.

See also: ITinNode2.Source

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