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IGeometricNetwork Interface

Provides access to members that manage properties and elements of a geometric network.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

Use the IGeometricNetwork interface to return general geometric network information.


Method AddFeatureClass Add the FeatureClass to this graph.
Method AddJunctionWithSubsumption Add a new junction feature to the network by replacing existing junction.
Method AddRule Adds the constraint to the set of connectivity rules.
Read-only property ClassesByNetworkAncillaryRole The FeatureClasses with the specified ancillary role.
Read-only property ClassesByType The FeatureClasses containing Features of the specified type.
Method CreateOrphanFeature Create an orphan JunctionFeature.
Method DeleteRule Removes the rule from the set of rules.
Method DeleteSet Removes the set of Feature from the graph.
Read-only property EdgeElement The EdgeElement EID at the specified location.
Method EstablishFlowDirection Establish the flow direction in the LogicalNetwork.
Read-only property FeatureDataset The FeatureDataset associated with the graph.
Read-only property GeometryForEdgeEID The geometry of the EdgeElement.
Read-only property GeometryForJunctionEID The geometry that corresponds to the JunctionElement (a point).
Method Init Initializes the graph.
Read/write property InvalidArea The area to be drawn.
Read-only property JunctionElement The JunctionElement EID at the specified location.
Method Merge Merges the Features together, returning the newly created Feature.
Read-only property Network The associated logical network.
Read-only property NetworkFeature The NetworkFeature that corresponds to the NetworkElement.
Read-only property NetworkType The type of associated logical network.
Read-only property OrphanJunctionFeatureClass The FeatureClass containing the OrphanJunctionFeatures.
Read-only property Rules All the connectivity rules associated with the network.
Read-only property RulesByClassAndSubtype The connectivity rules associated with the class and subtype.
Method SearchForNetworkFeature The NetworkFeatures found at the point.
Method SpliceSimpleJunction Create network connectivity between the simple junction and any intersecting network feature. For internal use only.
Method Split Split the feature.
Method TransformSet Repositions all specified NetworkFeatures and any topologically connected NetworkFeatures.
Read-only property ValidFlowDirection Indicates whether the current flow directions are valid.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGraph Provides access to members that manage graphs.

CoClasses that implement IGeometricNetwork

CoClasses and Classes Description
GeometricNetwork Esri Geometric Network object.


A geometric network is a collection of feature classes that participate in a network relationship. Each feature class has a topological role in the network and a network may have multiple feature classes in the same role. A feature dataset may have multiple networks but a feature class can only belong to one network. Every geometric network has an associated logical network.

The NetworkLoader object should be used for creating or building of geometric networks, in place of the GeometricNetwork object.

If you need to access the logical network directly for doing such things as tracing or navigating the network using a forward star, etc see the Network object help.

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.NET Samples

Utility wizard for basic schematic datasets configuration (Code Files: GenerateSchematicTemplate) | Set flow by digitized direction (Code Files: SetFlowByDigitizedDirectionVBNet)

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