ArcObjects Library Reference (GeoAnalyst)  

IInterpolationOp2.TopoToRasterByFile Method

Interpolates using AnuDem.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function TopoToRasterByFile ( _
    ByVal paramFile As String, _
    [ByRef outStream As IFeatureClass], _
    [ByRef outSink As IFeatureClass] _
) As IRasterDataset
public IRasterDataset TopoToRasterByFile (
    string paramFile,
    ref IFeatureClass outStream,
    ref IFeatureClass outSink
HRESULT TopoToRasterByFile(
  BSTR paramFile,
  IFeatureClass** outStream,
  IFeatureClass** outSink,
  IRasterDataset** outSurface


paramFile [in]   paramFile is a parameter of type BSTR outStream [out, optional]

  outStream is a parameter of type IFeatureClass

outSink [out, optional]

  outSink is a parameter of type IFeatureClass

outSurface [out, retval]

  outSurface is a parameter of type IRasterDataset

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Generates a hydrologically correct raster of elevation



The input path to a parameter file specifing required parameters to create the surface. The file can be created using a text editor or saved from the Geoprocessing Topo_to_Raster tool.


Output feature class of stream polyline features


Output feature class of remaining sink point features

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