ArcObjects Library Reference (ArcMapUI)  

IMxApplication Interface

Provides access to members that control the Mx Application. Note: the IMxApplication interface has been superseded byIMxApplication2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.

When To Use

Use this interface to access the AppDisplay object, the selection environment, and the default printer page settings. In addition, methods on this interface allow you to export the current document and copy the current view to the clipboard.


Method CopyToClipboard Copies the current view to the clipboard.
Read-only property Display The application display.
Method Export Exports the current document.
Read-only property Paper The current paper settings.
Read/write property Printer The current printer settings.
Read-only property SelectionEnvironment The selection environment.

CoClasses that implement IMxApplication

CoClasses and Classes Description
Application (esriArcMap) Esri ArcMap Application


Obtain a reference to IMxApplication through any object that supports IApplication. In ArcMap, IMxApplication is implemented by the Application CoClass.

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