Interface esriSchematicExternalQueryEvaluationMode

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public interface esriSchematicExternalQueryEvaluationMode
extends Serializable


With the esriSchematicQueryBuildEvaluation mode, the query is executed when the diagram is generated and updated.

With the esriSchematicQueryLoadEvaluation mode, the query is dynamically reexecuted each time an editing session starts on the schematic diagram.


When there are rules which process on schematic elements built by custom queries, the queries that return thoses elements must be evaluated with the esriSchematicQueryBuildEvaluation. Schematic elements built by custom queries with the esriSchematicQueryLoadEvaluation mode are processed after the rules execution during diagram generations and updates.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

Field Summary
static int esriSchematicNoQuery
static int esriSchematicQueryBuildEvaluation
static int esriSchematicQueryLoadEvaluation

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static final int esriSchematicNoQuery
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static final int esriSchematicQueryBuildEvaluation
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static final int esriSchematicQueryLoadEvaluation
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