Class Summary
BatchDefine Records the coordinate system information for the specified input datasets including any associated projection parameters, datum, or spheroid.
CADLinestoPolygonFeatures Converts CAD lines and points to polygon feature classes.
CADtoFeatureClass Converts objects from a CAD file to a defined feature class type along with the point features that are near those CAD features.
CADtoFeatureClasswithAttributeofNearestPoint Generate a feature class from CAD objects and point features that are nearest to those CAD features.
CreateFeatureClasswithAllJoinsfromStagingGeodatabase Joins all tables and geometries created by IMPORTCAD.
CreateFeaturesFromTextFile Creates features using coordinates in text files.
PolygonFeatureClasstoCADLines Converts polygon feature classes to a CAD file with bounding lines.
SubModelMemoryLayerWithAllJoins Creates a layer of the specified geometry type and joins all the CAD attributes to the selected geometry type.This tool has been deprecated.
WorkspaceToGeodatabase Loads all raster datasets from one workspace or geodatabase to another workspace or geodatabase as individual raster datasets.
WorkspaceToMosaic Mosaics all the raster datasets in a workspace, or geodatabase, to an output raster dataset.
WorkspaceToNewMosaic Creates a new raster dataset in the output location and mosaics all the raster datasets in the input workspace, or geodatabase, into it.
WorkspaceToNewRasterCatalog Creates a new raster catalog and loads all the raster datasets in the input workspace, or geodatabase, to the raster catalog.
WriteFeaturesToTextFile Writes feature coordinates to a text file.