FeatureSource Class
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ESRI.ArcGIS.Mobile.FeatureCaching Namespace : FeatureSource Class

Class defining a feature source in the cache.

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Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Class FeatureSource 
public class FeatureSource 


Represents supported layers retrieved from the map document and stored in the Mobilecache. To check the geometry type of a FeatureSource, use GeometryType property.

GetDataTable method will let you access the FeatureDataTable providing editing capabilities such as adding a feature, deleting a feature, or updating attributes. For more details, see FeatureDataTable.

FeatureSource also provides the GetDataReader method to get you access to a forward-only FeatureDataReader from where you can retrieve each data row. See FeatureDataReader.

The GetFeatureCount method returns the number of features based on the criteria you specified, while EditsCount method will return the number of edited features. SaveEdits method allows you to push all edits made to FeatureDataTable back to MobileService. Alternatively, you could also use FeatureDataTable.SaveEditsInFeatureLayer method to perform similar operation. To cancel edits, use CancelEdits or CancelAllEdits.

The Columns property will gain you access to the Columns collection where properties for each column is available. The Columns collection is not ordered, so you need to access your data using the column or field name. Geometry, Fid and Display columns are accessible by either column name (GeometryColumnName, FidColumnName, DisplayColumnName) or column index (GeometryColumnIndex, FidColumnIndex, DisplayColumnIndex).

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