GeoData service ExpandReplicaDatasets method

Expands a set of replica datasets taking into consideration geodatabase constructs (topologies, relationship classes, etc.).

ExpandReplicaDatasets(ArrayOfGPReplicaDataset ReplicaDatasets)




The list of datasets to replicate or extract.

Return Value

An GPReplicaDataset[] object.


Data extraction involves copying a portion of some data in a geodatabase. When extracting data, you first define the list of feature classes and tables to extract.

To make sure the geodatabase data structures are extracted properly, call this method on the list. For example, if the feature class you want to extract is part of a topology, there is a dependency between this feature class and the others in the topology. To make sure the topology is properly extracted, you can call this method and it will automatically expand the list of datasets to extract to include the other topology feature classes.

With the list of feature classes and tables to extract, you can then apply spatial and attribute filters. This defines which rows within the feature classes and tables to extract. The ExtractData method is then used to extract the data.

Data extracted from other geodatabases or geodata services can also be imported using the ImportData method.