GeoData service ExtractData method

Extracts a set of data within a geodatabase.

ExtractData(string VersionName, GPReplicaDescription ReplicaDescription, GDSExportOptions ExportOptions, esriGDSTransportType TransportType)




If the GeoDataServer references an ArcSDE geodatabase, the versionName parameter defines the version from which the data will be extracted.


The ReplicaDescription parameter is a description of the data to extract as well as various settings that define how the data will be extracted. For example, you can set a spatial filter and specify whether or not to include related data. See the GPReplicaDescription class for more information.


The options parameter defines the output of the method. This includes the outut format and whether or not the output will be compressed. See GDSExportOptions for more information.


The TransportType indicates the desired transport type. Use "esriGDSTransportTypeURL" to place the output in a file in the virtual output directory. Use "esriGDSTransportTypeEmbedded" to have the results embedded in the output GDSData object. If no virtual output directory exists, the results will be embedded regardless of the value set for this parameter.

Return Value

A GDSData object.