Geometry service AutoComplete method

The AutoComplete method constructs polygons that fill in the gaps between existing polygons and a set of polylines.

AutoComplete(SpatialReference SpatialReference, Polygon[] InPolygons, Polyline[] InCompletionLines)




The spatial reference of the input polygons and polylines. This cannot be null.


An array of polygons that will provide some boundaries for new polygons.


An array of polylines that will provide the remaining boundaries for new polygons.

Return Value

An array of polygons (Polygon[]).


The AutoComplete operation simplifies the process of constructing new polygons that are adjacent to other polygons. For example, you can create a new land parcel by combining one new polyline with existing, adjacent parcel polygons. In the figure below, polygons A, B, and C are combined with polyline D to produce a new parcel polygon.

Combining two polygons using a polylineAutocompleted polygon based on polyline
Figure 1: Using the AutoComplete operation to construct a new parcel polygon.