Base Type: Polycurve

Derived Types: PolygonB, PolygonN

An abstract class that serves as a base to its derived types, representing a collection of one or more exterior and interior rings.


The rings do not need to be connected to or contained by other rings in the polygon. However, all rings are considered to be part of a single polygon regardless of their location. Rings can be embedded in the interior of other rings. Embedded rings define interior boundaries or holes within the polygon. Exterior rings are oriented in a clockwise direction while interior rings are oriented counterclockwise.

In general, you will work with the normalized polygon type PolygonN, whether creating a polygon or working with a polygon returned from a service request. See the discussion on binary and normalized geometry for more information. When constructing a PolygonN with overlapping rings in the same direction, the server will simplify the polygon for you. If two rings overlap, the overlapping area will be considered an interior ring (hole). If three rings overlap, the overlapping area will be considered an exterior ring and so on.

Polygons with outer and inner rings