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The status resource provides the configured and current status of a parent resource such as server machines, clusters and GIS services.

The configured status represents the state of the resource as you have configured it to be. For example, starting a server machine or a GIS service would set its configured status to be STARTED. The status is persisted to the configuration store.

However, it is possible that the configured state may not match the actual state of the resource. The realtime status represents the actual state of a resource. For instance, consider that you have configured the server machine to be STARTED but the machine was abruptly powered off. In this case, its realtime status would be STOPPED. The realtime status information is harvested when the request is made, and it is not persisted.

For most purposes, the realtime status should be used.


Parameter Description
configuredState The configured state of the resource. The default state is STOPPED.
realTimeState The actual (current) state of the resource.