Selecting a point label position

The label placement position is the first placement property you set for a label class. There are 10 predefined Maplex Label Engine placement positions for point labels: Northwest, North, Northeast, West, Centered, East, Southwest, South, Southeast, and Best Position. The default placement position, Best Position, will find the best placement location for labels in most situations.

  1. Enable the Maplex Label Engine.
  2. Click the Label Manager button Label Manager on the Labeling toolbar.
  3. Check the check box next to the layer you want to label.
  4. Choose a label class under the layer.
  5. Click the Properties button.
  6. Click the Label Position tab.
  7. Click Position.
  8. Click a placement option.
You can also open the Placement Properties dialog box by clicking the Placement Properties button on the Labels tab of the Layer Properties dialog box for the layer you want to label.

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