Silently installing Portal for ArcGIS

Portal for ArcGIS can be installed without a user interface by running the setup using Windows Installer command line parameters.


Upgrading to 10.2.2? For more information, see About upgrading Portal for ArcGIS.

How to prepare to install Portal for ArcGIS

  1. Verify that your site meets the minimum system requirements. For more information, see system requirements.
  2. Log in as a user with administrative privileges.
  3. Open the ports as described in Ports used by Portal for ArcGIS.
  4. Close all noncritical applications on your server.
  5. Run the installation commands as described below.

Installing Portal for ArcGIS silently

The following are the windows installer command line parameters to be used when installing Portal for ArcGIS silently. Use these commands to specify the installation location of Portal for ArcGIS or your portal's content directory.

For example:

<path to the Portal for ArcGIS setup download>\setup.exe /qb INSTALLDIR=C:\myportal CONTENTDIR=C:\arcgisportal