About the ArcGIS Web Adaptor

ArcGIS Web Adaptor is a required component of Portal for ArcGIS which allows you to integrate your portal with your existing web server and your organization's security mechanisms. You cannot deploy Portal for ArcGIS in your organization without the Web Adaptor.

The Web Adaptor is an application that runs in your existing website and forwards requests to the machine hosting Portal for ArcGIS. It is compatible with IIS and Java EE servers such as WebSphere and WebLogic.

Benefits of the Web Adaptor

The Web Adaptor provides the following benefits:

Web Adaptor deployment scenarios

The Web Adaptor is platform independent of Portal for ArcGIS; therefore, the Web Adaptor you deploy does not have to match the operating system platform of your portal. For example, if your portal is running on Linux, you can deploy ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS) or (Java Platform) to work with Portal for ArcGIS. Conversely, if your portal is running on Windows, you can deploy ArcGIS Web Adaptor (Java Platform) on Linux to work with Portal for ArcGIS.

Accessing your portal with the Web Adaptor installed

After installing and configuring the Web Adaptor, the URL that you use to access your portal will be in the format https://webadaptor.domain.com/arcgis/home. For example, if the machine hosting your Web Adaptor is named wa with the domain myorg.net and your Web Adaptor is named arcgis, you'll access the portal using the URL https://wa.myorg.net/arcgis/home.

If you have configured your portal to use SSL for all communication, you should update the installed portal website and help shortcut URLs to use https instead of http; otherwise, you will see failures in your browser when attempting to access the original shortcut URLs.

The Web Adaptor setup experience

The Web Adaptor has its own setup and installation guide which is separate from the Portal for ArcGIS installation. You must install the Web Adaptor on a machine running a web server. This can be a machine already running Portal for ArcGIS or a separate machine.

Three setups are available for the Web Adaptor and, depending on your web server and operating system, you will choose one of them: