Log file tables configuration for the BIS workspace in SQL Server (Bathymetry Solution)

In ArcGIS, by default, log file tables are used if the selection set contains 100 or more records. ArcMap, or any application that runs on top of ArcMap, such as ArcGIS for Maritime:Bathymetry, which performs selection sets, uses these log file tables. ArcSDE keeps track of large selections using the log file tables instead of the records being held in memory. The same applies when sorting, selecting, or updating records in the Bathymetry Information System (BIS) tables.

When working with results in the BIS workspace, it is best to understand the log file table configuration options so you can choose the right option for your database needs. There are four different ArcSDE log file options: shared, session-based, stand-alone, and pools of session-based or stand-alone log files.

Common configuration options

对于 SQL Server,默认日志文件配置是在临时数据库 (tempdb) 中创建的基于会话的日志文件。

在大多数情况下,数据库管理系统 (DBMS) 的默认 ArcSDE 日志文件表配置应足以满足需要,并且使用推荐的设置。

Another common option is the shared log files. You would only use shared log files if you do not want to create tables in the tempdb, you have a large number of concurrent sessions, and each session connects using an individual DBMS account.

Either configuration option is acceptable for the BIS workspace, but if you choose to store the log tables in the user schema (shared log files), instead of the tempdb (session-based), be sure to give CREATE TABLE privileges to each user accessing the BIS tables.

Settings to control storage

可使用 SDE_server_config 和 SDE_dbtune 表中的特定参数对日志文件选项进行设置。

For session-based log files, the DBTUNE SESSION_TEMP_TABLE parameter must be set to 1 (true) to allow the session-based log file table to be created in the tempdb. For shared log files, changing the SESSION_TEMP_TABLE parameter to 0 (false) will create the SDE_LOGFILES, SDE_LOGFILE_DATA, and SDE_SESSION<SDE_ID> tables in the connecting user's schema; hence, the user requires CREATE TABLE permission.

Parameters in these tables are altered using the sdeconfig and sdedbtune commands, respectively. In SQL Server, the table created in the tempdb is in the format ##SDE_SESSION<SDE_ID>. This table is truncated when the connecting application deletes its log files, and the table is dropped when the session disconnects. When using the default setting, users do not require CREATE TABLE permission in the database for the session table to be created in the tempdb.

Your BIS workspace is now ready to store data and products and be accessed by other users.