Upgrading a BIS geodatabase connection (Bathymetry Solution)

If you currently use the 10.1 release of ArcGIS for Maritime:Bathymetry and have not installed the 10.1 Service Pack 1 release, you need to upgrade your existing BIS geodatabase connections after installing 10.2.1. This upgrade process updates the BIS geodatabase schema to enable the new mosaic dataset naming functionality for composite surface models, provide support for additional raster formats other than the BAG format, and parse and display metadata for release 1.5 BAGs.

In the previous release of 深海探测学解决方案, when you saved a composite surface model through the Compose Surface window and chose to create a mosaic dataset with your model, the name of the mosaic dataset was generated for you. After the upgrade process, you can define your own name for the mosaic dataset when saving a composite surface model. This allows you to set your own naming conventions when the mosaic dataset is to be shared publicly or used as an image service, or privately within your organization.

Similarly, in the previous release of 深海探测学解决方案, you were only able to add BAGs to your BIS. After the upgrade process, you can now add other common raster formats to the BIS, such as GeoTIFF, Esri Grid, and ASCII Grid, as well as many other Esri-supported raster formats. Due to different namespaces used in the internal metadata XML of BAGs 1.5 and later, earlier releases of 深海探测学解决方案 did not support displaying, filtering, or sorting by a BAG’s internal metadata attributes. Following the upgrade to the latest BIS geodatabase schema, this will now be possible.

Chances are you have active connections to your BIS geodatabases from a previous release. If this is the case, when you start ArcMap and open the Manage Connections dialog box, you will immediately be prompted to run the upgrade process. If you don’t have an active connection, you need to connect to and activate the BIS workspace connection you want to upgrade.


Any release of the software that requires an upgrade to the BIS ensures that all upgrades in previous releases are included. Additionally, when an existing BIS workspace is upgraded, it ensures that the upgraded BIS workspace uses the same schema definition as a newly created BIS at that software release.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Bathymetry.
  3. Click the Manage Connections button Manage Connections on the Bathymetry toolbar.

    The Manage Connections dialog box appears.

    Manage Connections dialog box
  4. 注注:

    If your only active connection is to an older release of the BIS geodatabase, the error dialog box from step 6 appears and you can skip to step 7.

  5. Check the Active check box for the BIS workspace you want to upgrade.

    The following message appears.

    Manage Connections message
  6. Click OK to return to the Manage Connections dialog box.
  7. Click the icon next to the BIS you want to upgrade.

    The following error message appears and notifies you that the workspace is out of date and asks whether you would like to upgrade.

    Error Details message
  8. Click Yes.

    The Manage Connections dialog box appears with an upgrade message.

    Upgrade message
  9. Read the instructions listed.

    If you are not ready to upgrade your BIS workspace at this time, click Cancel Upgrade and perform the steps necessary to prepare for the upgrade.

  10. Click OK.

    The Upgrading BIS workspace status dialog box appears.

    Upgrading BIS workspace dialog box

    If you have modified your ONSBagInternalMetadataDef.xml file, pay close attention to note the warning message that appears as well as how to manually correct the change to the XML file. An example warning message is as follows:

    Warning: The ONSInternalMetadataConfig.xml file was updated to support v1.5 of the BAG schema, but the field(s): <your field> were not able to be updated. These fields will need to be updated according to information outlined in the help topic titled Internal BAG metadata XML schema.


    For ArcSDE workspaces, if there are open connections to the BIS workspace and you attempt to run the process, it will fail and roll back to the previous release.

  11. Click Close when the process completes.

All BIS users need to have the latest 深海探测学解决方案 release installed before they can access the upgraded BIS geodatabase.

For ArcSDE workspaces, you need to close and start ArcMap before you can use the upgraded BIS geodatabase.