Creating and configuring a BIS workspace in SQL Server (Bathymetry Solution)

This workflow guides you on how to create and configure a BIS workspace in a geodatabase in SQL Server.

Creating an enterprise geodatabase

The server administrator needs to create a new geodatabase in SQL Server that can be used as the BIS workspace.

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Recommendations for geodatabases in SQL Server

It is recommended that the following parameter values are used when creating an enterprise geodatabase in SQL Server.


服务器内存:使用 AWE 分配内存


处理器:提高 SQL Server 优先级


安全性 SQL Server 和 Windows 身份验证模式



0 = 无限制



SQL Server 参数

Configuring the geodatabase in ArcSDE

The DBMS used for the geodatabase should be configured before the BIS workspace is set up with the default geometry storage.

For more information, see Geodatabase storage in relational databases or The SERVER_CONFIG system table.

All default serverconfig settings should be used. However, if users will connect to the enterprise geodatabase, make sure the TCPKEEPALIVE value is set to TRUE (1). This command should be used from the command prompt of a machine where the ArcSDE application server or the ArcSDE command line tools are installed.



sdeconfig -o alter -v TCPKEEPALIVE=TRUE -i sde:sqlserver:<database_name>\SQLSERVER -u sde -p <sde_password>

有关详细信息,请参阅 ArcSDE 应用程序服务器安装程序附带的《ArcSDE 管理命令参考》。