Deleting an existing collection (Bathymetry Solution)

From the Manage Collections dialog box, you can delete an existing collection. Deleting a collection permanently deletes the collection and its metadata and disassociates all the associated datasets.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Bathymetry.
  3. Click the Manage Collections button Manage Collections on the Bathymetry toolbar.

    The Manage Collections dialog box appears.

  4. Manage Collections dialog box
  5. Choose the Delete collection option.
  6. Click the Select collection drop-down arrow and choose the collection you want to delete.

    View collection's data becomes active. Viewing collection data can help you verify that you are deleting the correct collection.

  7. Optionally click View collection's data.

    The Dataset Preview window appears.


    From the Dataset Preview window, you can view any data associated with the collection as a list or as a two-dimensional preview. You can also view any collection, internal, or extended metadata.

  8. Click Close on the Dataset Preview window.

    You are returned to the Manage Collections dialog box.

  9. Click OK on the Manage Collections dialog box.

    Deleting a collection permanently deletes the collection, along with all of its metadata. All datasets associated with that collection are disassociated and no longer belong to any collection.

    The Delete Collection dialog box appears and confirms the collection deletion.

  10. Click Yes.

    The collection is permanently deleted from the BIS geodatabase.