Modifying the BIS geodatabase settings (Bathymetry Solution)

You can modify your active Bathymetry Information System (BIS) connection settings using the Manage BIS Settings tool. This tool allows you to change the BIS local alias, modify implementation details stored in the BisDetails table within the BIS geodatabase, and update the shared folder location settings for imported data, overviews, and configuration files. In addition, you can set a default color ramp for data visualized in the Explore Bathymetry or Compose Surface windows.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Bathymetry.
  3. Click the Manage BIS Settings button Manage BIS Settings on the Bathymetry toolbar.

    The Manage BIS Settings dialog box appears. The settings for your active BIS geodatabases are shown in the dialog box.

    Manage BIS Settings dialog box
  4. Ensure that the System Settings tab is active.
  5. In the Settings section, type a new alias name for the active BIS geodatabase in the BIS Local Alias text box.
  6. If you are an administrator and need a new name for the BIS geodatabase, type a new name in the BIS Name text box in the BIS Details section.

    This updates the name of the BIS internally but does not change the name of the database itself or modify the database connection. The BIS Name is stored within the BIS geodatabase and is defined by the BIS administrator; if you are not an administrator, it is highly recommended that you do not alter it.


    If you need to uniquely identify the BIS workspace on your local setup, use the BIS Local Alias value to do so.

  7. Type a new description in the BIS Description text box.
  8. In the BIS Paths section, click the ellipsis (...) next to Default copy location.

    The Browse For Folder dialog box appears.

    Browse For Folder dialog box

    Setting the default copy location in the Manage BIS Settings dialog box will override the default copy location that was set when the BIS geodatabase was created and will copy data from the source location to the defined copy location.

  9. Browse to and choose a new default copy location for imported data and click OK.
  10. 注注:

    The Overviews location and Metadata setting location are set when the BIS geodatabase is created, the text boxes are disabled, and the entries cannot be modified. If these values are modified, they can affect the fast display benefits that overviews provide or the visibility of metadata fields.

  11. 单击确定

Your updated BIS geodatabase settings are saved.