Migrating an MPS-Atlas map book to Data Driven Pages

ArcGIS 10 added new map book functionality called Data Driven Pages. MPS-Atlas will be deprecated in the near future and you can migrate existing map books to Data Driven Pages. Data Driven Pages offer more power, control, and flexibility over MPS-Atlas map books. There is no automatic migration from MPS-Atlas to Data Driven Pages. Migration is simple but depends on the complexity of your existing map books.

The following process details how to migrate an existing map book with an index layer in a map document.


Existing stand-alone MPS-Atlas licenses that are current on maintenance are automatically upgraded to a full Esri Production Mapping license.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Open a map document that contains a map book.
  3. 单击主菜单上的自定义 > 工具条 > 数据驱动页面
  4. 单击数据驱动页面设置按钮 数据驱动页面设置
    启用数据驱动页面这个示例的数据驱动页面定义的 UI 设置步骤
  5. 选中启用数据驱动页面复选框。
  6. 单击数据框箭头,然后选择“详细”数据框。


  7. Click the Layer drop-down arrow and choose the layer you use for your map extents as the index layer.
  8. Click OK to close the Setup Data Driven Pages dialog box.
  9. Update any dynamic text or titles using the new dynamic text tags.