What's new in ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor

ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server includes many enhancements and quality improvements.

New at 10.2.2

GeoEvent Processor Manager

  • The Filter/Incident Detector condition builder Edit/Update button has been removed.
  • The Import GeoEvent Definition workflow has been improved by making it standard to identify the field to tag as the TRACK_ID.


  • The Field Calculator Processor has been enhanced to support String functions. For more information, refer to the help documentation.


  • Output Connectors such as Send an Email and Send a Text Message now have the ability to substitute strings from GeoEvent values into properties such as from, to, cc, and bcc.

Data store

  • Added proxy server support when connecting via HTTP to a private ArcGIS Server or portal.

New at 10.2.1

GeoEvent Processor Manager

  • GeoEvent Services can now be authored, edited, and published directly from GeoEvent Processor Manager.
  • The Monitor page now allows linking to GeoEvent Services, inputs, and outputs directly from the Monitor page.
  • Adapters and transports now support properties that are dependent on one another (for example, dependency on a dependency).
  • ArcGIS Server connections now allow you to connect to map/feature services that are hosted on Portal for ArcGIS.
  • Starting with Google Chrome browser version 29.0.1547.57m, the GeoEvent Definition and Log pages were appearing blank. The pages are now appearing correctly.


  • New Track Gap Detector Processor detects whether GeoEvent Processor has not received an event from a track in a predefined number of seconds.
  • Incident Detector Processor improvements include the following: as well as it now works with GeoEvents that do not have a geometry.
    • When incidents expire, they propagate a GeoEvent from the Incident Detector Processor node.
    • It now works with GeoEvents that do not have a geometry.

GeoEvent Processor Software Development Kit

  • Support for AGSConnection and FolderDatastore.