Managing GeoFences

A GeoFence is a geometry, most commonly a polygon, used for spatial proximity analysis. For example, an Incident Detector Processor might be configured to detect when the coordinates of a received event are inside or outside a specified set of GeoFences. A GeoTagger Processor might be configured to include the name of a GeoFence and whether an event is discovered to be inside in the events attribute data.

Administrators can create GeoFences from existing feature datasets (typically polygon feature classes). The following are a few items to remember when working with GeoFences in GeoEvent Processor:

View available GeoFences by browsing to Site > GeoEvent Processor > GeoFences in GeoEvent Processor Manager.

Use GeoEvent Processor Manager to view and manage GeoFences.

The Introduction to GeoEvent Processor tutorial contains exercises illustrating how to import GeoFences from a feature dataset and how to configure synchronization so that GeoEvent Processor will automatically update its GeoFences based on the contents of a published feature service. Access the Introduction to GeoEvent Processor tutorial from GeoEvent Processor tutorials.