Adding a processor to a GeoEvent Service

Processors can be added to GeoEvent Services in order to perform processing on a stream of GeoEvents in real-time. Processors are added to a GeoEvent Service using a service designer similar to ModelBuilder in ArcGIS for Desktop. The difference is rather than working with geoprocessing elements, a service designer is working with GeoEvent Service elements (for example, Input Connectors, Output Connectors, filters, and processors).

Processors can be added to a GeoEvent Service by selecting a filter element and dragging it onto the canvas or by double-clicking the filter element in the element tray—in either case, a properties dialog box will open, allowing you to configure the filter element being added.

See Processors to learn more about the processors available with GeoEvent Processor.


With ArcGIS 10.2.1 GeoEvent Processor for Server, the service designer used to create, modify, and publish GeoEvent Services is integrated into GeoEvent Processor Manager. With previous releases, the Service Designer was available as a separate application.

Step-by-step instructions illustrating how to add processors to a GeoEvent Service can be found in the Introduction to GeoEvent Processor tutorial. Access the Introduction to GeoEvent tutorial from GeoEvent Processor tutorials.