Overview of Output Connectors

An Output Connector is the component of a GeoEvent Service responsible for preparing and sending the processed data to a consumer in an expected format. The Output Connector must translate its GeoEvents into a format capable of being sent over a particular communication channel. Each Output Connector is configured to send events to a single specific output. Every GeoEvent Service must include at least one Output Connector, but a GeoEvent Service may include more than one Output Connector.

Output Connectors are created from connectors listed on the Site > GeoEvent Processor > Connectors page in GeoEvent Processor Manager. By clicking the Add Output button on the Services > Outputs page, an administrator is presented with a list of connectors available for sending event data.

Example Output Connectors available with GeoEvent Processor.

Step-by-step instructions for creating new Output Connectors can be found in the Introduction to GeoEvent Processor tutorial available from GeoEvent Processor tutorials.