An overview of the Cartography toolset

The Nautical toolbox's Cartography toolset provides tools that can be used to finish a nautical chart for final production. These tools allow you to generate cartographic data for your charts.



Chart Automation

Runs selected chart finishing processes on a chart product. Processes include adding layers to the TOC, generating cartographic limits, creating grids and graticules, converting labels to annotation, and masking annotation.

Generate Annotation Masks

Generates polygon masks for annotation features that intersect other polyline features. This tool supports nautical cartographic workflows that require masking based on geographic coincidence to specified input features. The specified input features (those that intersect the input annotation features) are polylines from the ArcGIS for Maritime:Charting data model or other sources.

Generate Cartographic Limits


  • 建立与海岸线重合的要素向海限制
  • 减少图表中渲染的要素数
  • 缩减航海产品的绘制和导出时间

Generate Light Sector

Creates light sector features based on a specified point feature class. Light sectors typically appear on nautical charts and depict the distance a light can be seen from its source. Light sectors are based on light features in the AidsToNavigationP feature class in the ArcGIS for Maritime:Charting.

Tools in the Cartography toolset