An overview of the Cartographic Production toolset

This toolset contains tools that allow you to create and maintain cartographic features for aeronautical charts that use the Aeronautical Information System (AIS) data model.

Tool name


AOI Mask

Generates a masking feature by erasing an area from an input area of interest (AOI) polygon. The masking feature is the difference between the erase and the AOI features. The tool writes an ID value from the AOI polygon and the erase feature class name to a new mask feature in an output feature class. You can use the masking feature to hide parts of layers that render beneath it and outside the erase features. Use this tool to generate aeronautical cartographic data like range rings.

Carto Commander

Creates, modifies, and deletes cartographic features for all the instances maintained and specified for the Aviation Production Database.

Create Feature Linked Annotation

Creates annotation for features in a specific ArcGIS for Aviation:Charting chart if it does not already have annotation.

Tools in the Cartographic Production toolset