Aviation data-driven elements and editing (Aviation)

Several of the surround elements that can be generated using ArcGIS for Aviation:Charting are based on the current properties that have been set. The elements are produced based on the current product and definition queries that are set for particular layers.

Once these elements are added to the chart layout, you can modify their appearance using the appropriate settings dialog box. You can modify individual components of the element in the Layout window without ungrouping the element first. For example, with the Aviation North Arrow element, you can individually edit the text for the Rate of Change Text or Variation Text components by right-clicking them in the Layout window and clicking Properties. Once the changes are made to the components, they are immediately applied in the map layout.

When the elements are stored in a database element library, the changes to the element can be saved, and the updated element can be added to another chart layout.

Layout window with aviation elements

For elements such as the Mercator Scale Bar and Aviation Scale Bar, the appearance and content can be changed using the appropriate settings dialog box instead of the Layout window.