Personal geodatabases and editing (Aviation)

With ArcMap, there are three types of geodatabases that can be used for data storage: file, personal, and ArcSDE. File and personal geodatabases are smaller types that support single users and small workgroups, while ArcSDE geodatabases support multiuser editing. See Types of geodatabases for more information.

Typical editing scenarios within Esri Production Mapping involve storing and editing large numbers of features. When data is stored in a personal geodatabase and edited with 生产化制图 (Production Mapping), there are some limitations you are likely to encounter.

For these reasons, it is recommended that you store data in a file or enterprise geodatabase when editing with 生产化制图 (Production Mapping). For more information on migrating to a file geodatabase, see Migrating to the file geodatabase. For more information on migrating to an ArcSDE geodatabase, see Creating an enterprise geodatabase.