Unsupported product library and production database connections (Aviation)

It is possible to connect to a product library or production database that was created with a newer version of Production Mapping or Esri 制图和制表解决方案. In this case, this connection is unsupported and not usable. Backwards compatibility is supported; however, all possible changes to the schema can't be anticipated, thus the product library and production database can't support forward compatibility. For example, a product library with the schema of a newer version, such as 10.2, is not supported in the 10.1 software version. You need to install the latest version of 生产化制图 (Production Mapping) or Esri 制图和制表解决方案 to be able to use the geodatabase.

If you connect to an unsupported geodatabase by loading data, the Product Library tree view shows it as disabled and "Unsupported" is displayed next to it.

Example of an unsupported product libraryExample of an unsupported production database

If you try to connect to the product library using the Select Product Library command, you will get the following error message.

Example of the message for an unsupported product library