Writing selected features to the Reviewer table (Aviation)

Features that are selected either inside or outside an edit session can be written to the Reviewer table from the Feature Manager. Using the Commit To Reviewer Table command, you can write groups of selected features, or all of them, to the Reviewer table as new records. For instance, if you notice that features have not been digitized correctly based on their real-world locations, you can write them to the Reviewer table so they can be updated.

When the features are written to the Reviewer table, the CHECKTITLE and ORIGINCHECK fields indicate that the features are from the Feature Manager.

The Reviewer table with features from the Update tab

You can also use the Browse Features window to write features to the Reviewer table. However, the Update tab allows you to write consecutive or nonconsecutive groups of features to the Reviewer table. You can also identify which features are currently selected on the Update tab; you can only browse to each one on the Browse Features window.

  1. Select features using one of the following tools:
    • Select Features tool 选择要素 on the Tools toolbar
    • Edit tool Edit Tool on the Production Editing toolbar

    The selected features appear on the Update tab on the Manage Features window.

  2. 在下面的其中一个项目中启动检查器会话:
  3. Select one or more features on the Update tab.
  4. Right-click the selection and click Commit To Reviewer Table.

    The Commit To Reviewer Table dialog box appears.

    Commit To Reviewer Table dialog box
  5. 在“输入检查状态”列表中选择“检查状态”选项。




    检查状态信息在检查器表的 REVIEWSTATUS 像元中显示。

  6. 如有必要,可在描述文本框中输入检查状态的描述。
  7. 如有必要,可在注释文本框中输入有关要素的其他详细信息。
  8. 如有必要,单击严重性下拉箭头并选择指示要提交到检查器表的要素的优先级的值。

    优先级的范围介于 1 到 5 之间,1 为最高优先级,5 为最低优先级。

  9. 单击确定

The features are written to the Reviewer table.