ArcMap editing tools and the Production Editing toolbar (Aviation)

On the Production Editing toolbar, there are several tools that are part of the 生产化制图 (Production Mapping) extension, but it also includes ArcMap editing tools.

The table below lists the ArcMap editing tools that can be found on the Production Editing toolbar and where you can find more information about them in the ArcGIS for Desktop help.

Tool name

Where to find more information

Cut Polygons tool

Splitting a polygon

Edit Vertices

Editing vertices and segments


Merging features in the same layer


Creating a point feature by clicking the map

Reshape Feature tool

Reshaping lines

Reshaping polygons

Rotate tool

Rotating a feature

Sketch Properties

Using the Edit Sketch Properties window

Split tool

Splitting lines manually

Straight Segment

Creating segments by streaming vertices


Creating segments by tracing features