Setting up the aviation production database (Aviation)

The production database is the primary database that contains the geographic data. That data can be used directly or to create and maintain the charts, maps, and cells for production. It is built from a valid ArcGIS for Aviation data model—Aeronautical Information System (AIS) Charting or Airports.

You can create the aviation production workspace using the Create Aviation Geodatabase geoprocessing tool. This tool applies one of the ArcGIS for Aviation data models to a target geodatabase and configures it for use with the software. It creates all the appropriate feature classes and tables, then registers the appropriate feature classes as versioned and enables archiving.


Archiving must be enabled for the Change Reporter tool to retrieve changes made between specified dates.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Click the ArcToolbox button ArcToolbox on the Standard toolbar.

    The ArcToolbox window appears.

  3. Expand the Aviation Data Management toolbox.
  4. Double-click the Create Aviation Geodatabase geoprocessing tool.

    The Create Aviation Geodatabase dialog box appears.

  5. Click the browse button next to the Input Geodatabase text box.

    The Input Geodatabase dialog box appears.

  6. Browse to the geodatabase to use as the production database and click Add.
  7. Click the Data Model drop-down arrow and choose the data model to apply to the geodatabase.
    • AIS—The AIS data model is applied to the geodatabase.
    • AIRPORTS—The Airports data model is applied to the geodatabase.


    The Airports data model can be applied to a file or enterprise geodatabase. The AIS data model can only be applied to an enterprise geodatabase.

  8. Optionally click the properties button next to the Coordinate System (optional) text box and change the coordinate system for the workspace.

    The default coordinate system for the workspace is WGS84 for the Airports schema. For the AIS schema, the default horizontal coordinate system is NAD83, and the vertical coordinate system is NAVD88.

  9. 单击确定

The production database is created with the selected schema.