Product library configuration (Aviation)

The product library is a centralized geodatabase with tools that manage multiuser cartographic and digital data series production and allows organizations to create and maintain maps, charts, and data. This structure allows each map document's change history to be tracked by creating different versions each time the document is modified. Optionally, specific data model schemas—that is, data model versions—can be mapped to a production database, allowing you to track which data model versions are supported by the current geodatabase.

When no product library workspace is defined, and you add data stored in a geodatabase that is also a product library, the product library workspace property is automatically set to this geodatabase.

If your database is not a product library, you need to configure it. The product library can be manually defined by using the Select Product Library command in the Product Library window. Its properties can be viewed through the Product Library Properties or Production Properties dialog box.

There are seven properties associated with the product library: